Creative writing in Manitoba.

Teresa-Lee Cooke

Teresa-Lee Cooke (Terry) has enjoyed reading and writing for many years now. She has been involved in musical theater, singing, and as a volunteer performer at Folklorama. Her love of music and theater has drawn her to the “spoken word” type of poetry and many of her works lend themselves to performance.

Up until a year ago, she was employed in the Faculty of Education at the University of Manitoba for nearly fifteen years. She lives in Winnipeg with her partner, Wes, and two kitty companions. She is working towards completing her first book of poetry.

Teresa-Lee wishes to thank the Lake Winnipeg Writers Group for enabling her to share her work. She was our Featured Writer for August 2013.

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Annual General Meeting

Date: Saturday, December 1
12:30 – 3:30pm
Location: Henderson Public Library
1050 Henderson Hwy.
Winnipeg, MB
R2K 2M5, Canada
Description: All members are welcome to attend, have snack and finger food for lunch before LWWG executive elections and business is addressed.

Members are asked to consider nominations for executive positions. Executive possessions needed:

  • Secretary
  • Co-editor x2
  • Technology and Communications Director