Creative writing in Manitoba.

Tyra Masters-Heinrichs

I want people to not just read my stories but fall in love with my characters, get swept up in their lives. I want readers to be transported into other possibilities. When a reader puts one of my stories down I want them to remember it like an old friend.

Reading, like writing, is a dangerous thing…it’s like getting on a roller coaster, that first page, as the cars crank to the top, then you’re screaming down, as you finally pull into the station and turn that last page, you should be racing for the ticket booth to do it all again. Tyra was our January 2013 Featured Writer.

Tyra’s latest book is Dark Lords: Book One, Shadows. Enjoy Chapters One through Ten, available as a PDF. (Please note this is a large file.)

View Tyra’s book:

Dark Lords: Book One, Shadows




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