Creative writing in Manitoba.



2016 photo of group from left to right: Marlene Ness – Vice President, Ruth Asher – Membership (on laptop), Pam Larner – Secretary, Tyra Masters-Heinrichs – Publication, Debra Dusome – Treasurer, Jeanne Gougeon – President, Maurice Guimond – Editor.

.We hold our monthly meetings, slams and writing events at various locations in the Interlake.


A Message From Our President…

Perhaps you think the Lake Winnipeg Writers’ Group must be based near Lake Winnipeg. You wouldn’t be far wrong but not everyone lives in the area, especially if they became members by entering a contest. In fact our members come from diverse locations and backgrounds. So you can join too.

Twice a year our anthology called Voices showcases writing from our members, and contributors receive a complimentary copy although they are free to buy more. Contributions can be poetry, prose, photography or other are, and each item has professional editing, formatting, and a minimum of three critical proof-readings.

I became a member by entering a contest and have renewed my membership every year because of the encouragement and support I have been given to develop my talents and to offer me a public forum for my work.

Beyond the writing and publication there are events, meetings, workshops and readings you will be invited to attend.

A whole writing community is waiting. Join us!




L.W.W.G. October Executive Meeting
Date:  Saturday, October 13 - 1:30pm
Location: Henderson Library

Voices Submission

Cover picture for fall, July 31
Members' deadline for Voices submission
Date: Saturday, September 1st, 2018