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Submission for Voices

PDF: Voices Submission Guidelines

Submission Date: February 28, 2018

General (applies to all submissions)

  • Times Roman or New Times font only, 12 point only
  • Use: Microsoft Word (.doc) or Word Pad for submissions
  • First page must have Title by Author on all submissions
  • No Headers or Footers
  • Name, membership type, and contact information, including email, phone number, and mailing address on first page left hand side.
  • ***Note you must belong to the LWWG to submit articles for consideration in Voices but there is no guarantee that the submission will be accepted for inclusion in Voices. The Editor’s decision is final. Only items accepted for publication will be edited.
  • Word Count on first page right hand side
  • Unless otherwise indicated, no previously published works will be accepted; should they be accepted (special consideration), then written confirmation that the author has the copyright of the work being submitted is required.
  • At end of submission you must put 5 stars * * * * * or The End including between poems unless the poems are part of a series.
  • ***A current biography (100-150 words maximum) that can be printed in Voices must accompany all submissions or groups of submissions as a separate attachment. Biography and submissions must have separate attachments and must have writer’s name in the attachment or they will not be accepted, e. g. Bio: Tom Reader. No submissions will be accepted without a current biography. If you are happy with your biography in the immediate previous edition of Voices, you just need to say that you wish to keep the current biography.
  • Submissions which do not follow these guidelines will be rejected or sent back to be correctly submitted.
  • Submissions in another language will not be considered.
  • ****All submissions will be electronic as attachments to the following email address: [email protected]


  • This means stories, creative non-fiction, parts of serials, essays, letters or memoirs
  • Title should start halfway down first page, with “by” and author’s name or pseudonym, both should be centred, not manually done
  • First paragraph is not indented. All other paragraphs are indented.
  • Double spaced with one inch margins
  • Use indent on your computer, 5 spaces only, not manually done
  • Do not manually put in page breaks
  • Use Italics, do not underline
  • The em-dash (long dash) ‘—‘ represents a cut, no spaces on either side and in dialogue it occurs inside quotation marks
  • Ellipses have one space at end, i.e. “… the flowers… Then John …” Marion looked away. (In dialogue ellipses indicate a fading away and in example, they indicate that more came before, more space.)
  • All punctuation marks in dialogue occur inside quotation marks.
  • Maximum two pieces of 6000 words each per author (regardless of pen-name) to be fair to other writers. Longer submissions may be accepted if the editor chooses. If the author wishes to publish a serial, permission must be granted by the editor in advance. After the first segment, all subsequent parts of the serial must be accompanied by a brief synopsis.


  • Title should be centred using the Centre feature followed “by author’s name.”
  • published page size is 5 by 8 inches and all poems will be adjusted accordingly
  • please set up poetry the way you would like it to look with spacing between verses, it will be adapted to fit the 5 by 8 inch page
  • may be single spaced
  • If the poems are a series, please indicate this and indicate what order you wish them to be published.
  • Maximum four poems for any given issue. The editor has the right to include an extra poem if it is part of a linked series. Please obtain permission first.

Pictures or Art

  • Indicate if they are for your entry or for consideration for the cover or for the interior, label as either “cover art” or “interior”. Label must also include name of sender and name of artist/photographer if different from sender.
  • All photographs for interior must be 400 dpi or higher
  • For interior, black and white only accepted. Note: interior colour pictures submitted will be converted to black and white. Should too much detail be lost, they may be removed with or without notification of the photographer.
  • All pictures of identifiable persons must include written permission of that person to use that photo in publication with submission of photo.
  • Pictures may be submitted by both members and non-members (the latter only for photographs
  • Please label whether submission is for this present issue or for any issue or if it maybe be used by BK Publishing for consideration when printing other books.
  • Nude photos of children will not be considered and may result in legal action
  • Clear instructions must accompany each picture.
  • Use JPEG or img

Cover Pictures

  • For cover consideration, pictures must be 600 dpi or higher
  • Special conditions apply – cover pictures must be in vivid colour, attention grabbing, clearly focused. They must include enough negative space for the title and issue numbers to show clearly.
  • Contributors should look at past covers for examples.
  • Dates for cover picture submissions are:
  • By July 31 for the fall issue
  • By January 31 for the Spring issue
  • These early dates ensure proper marketing!

Revised and voted on at Executive Meeting on March 10, 2018



L.W.W.G. October Executive Meeting
Date:  Saturday, October 13 - 1:30pm
Location: Henderson Library

Voices Submission

Cover picture for fall, July 31
Members' deadline for Voices submission
Date: Saturday, September 1st, 2018